September 25, 2008

...random randomings to rant about... got on the horn with kim osorio to talk about a few things -- in particular, they spoke about ray "is he still alive?" benzino. check this out:


also, i wanted to give a happy belated birthday to my homegirl, e. we had a celebratory dinner in her honor this past weekend.

last night, i did a show at uc irvine for kababayan's first general meeting. it was great to see all the young faces in the crowd! some of them kids were born in 1991 -- seriously?! the crowd's energy kept me going, even in the face of a really bad sound system (the mic was coming out of house speakers 100 ft in the air and the music was coming from 2 speakers at my feet). regardless, i had fun watching all the youth enjoying themselves and gearing up for another semester of school! thanks for bringing us out kababayan! big up to my little sister, elysha, who just moved in to her dorm room there at uci -- and it's her birthday this weekend!!! also, thank you to jana for getting us out there and always being there when i need her (she's part of our squad)!

what else... oh, this saturday, i'll be at ucsd for gabnet san diego's "stop the traffick jam," along with mystic and kuttin kandi. this should be a great show! come out and support day-go!

i guess that's it for now. talk to y'all soon.

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