September 18, 2008


phat shot me two beats from amp via email, and when i heard this one, i lost my shit! the beat thumps! the first version of this was very "in-your-face," and very "fuck-a-cop." amp sat me down when day in the studio out in oakland and gave me his thoughts -- the main one being, "make it easier to swallow." great advice. went back to the lab, penned this version and shot the reference over to zumbi. zumbi hurt this instrumental! this was the last song to get finalized on the album, and i'm happy that it made it.

zion i's new album drops in january! i've heard snippets and i must say, this is the album to cop for 2009, so save those christmas gift certificates! oh, and there's a bambu cameo that starts the album off!!! yee!

i swing like doors open on scrapers out in oakland
showing out in parking lots sideshowing
throwing a deuce
blowing a loose
right out the roof
riding and (poof)
they coming stomping in their big, black boots and gold badge
knee in my back
mace in my face
blood i can taste
at the rapid rate they're striking my back, something's gon' break
fuck it, let's shake,
prison can wait
turn up my bass
i got that new deuce (eclipse) mixtape on steady rotate
blue dodger fitted covering a 1/4 of my face
my demeanor screaming, "give me my space!"
that goes for you
whether it's out in the club, riding the bus, driving around in a flatbed truck
do not do the wrong shit to get your posse beat up
amplive, zion i
tell the girls that we on in ten
cause a riot in here until the cops come in
and when the party let out and bleed out in the street
tell your local pd, "you ain't gon' rodney king me!"

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