October 9, 2008


i was planning to post pictures and a blog entry about this past weekend's adventures, but that might have to wait. we took pictures on phat's camera, but he left it at steph's and... well, you understand. to sum the weekend up, it was f**kn' ill!

thank you to all the okayplayer players who left such great comments about "iron bam." to be honest, if i had a choice, that wouldn't be the joint i would've pushed to them... but, i ain't complaining.

i'll be in the bay area next week, so, to my bay fam, let's catch up! i'll be in seattle on the 15th to prepare for the exact change tour date on the 18th! see y'all there, northwest!

i'm out. til' next (turn your speakers down for this one):



R O A D S said...

regarding your show on the 18th in Seattle..

hailz yah, Bam!!!!! great that you'll be in town for a few days.. sorry to say that the NW has been cold, rainy and windy.. but that's expected for the great NW!

holla.. are you going to be stayin with Nam?? anyways.. can't wait..

BAMBU said...

i'll probably be over at bee's spot! holler!