October 10, 2008

...san diego - eagle rock - hollywood...

so, here are some visuals to go with phat and i's little mini-tour! again, we started on friday night and drove out to a hotel in imperial beach -- right ON the beach. we got there at about 11:30pm, and there was nobody at the front desk. what we ended up finding out was that the front desk guy lived in the room connected to the front lobby. we had to wake homeboy up and he was suprisingly cool! the room was pretty cool.
the hotel was basically a furnished apartment, or a crack-cooking kitchen on the beach. it came with baking soda, pots and giant spoons. jeezy would feel at home. yeeeeeah...
the room was cool. like i said, a little apartment.
i don't know why i'm showing you this... the kitchen.
this is how i posted up right before i crashed out right on the couch. phat drove the entire way, so he got the bedroom!
phat doing what phat usually does.
this is the view from the front door of our hotel room. when i was in the military, i was stationed a little north of here at the naval amphibious base, coronado. i used to surf these waters with a good friend of mine, geoff. it brought back memories...
oh, before we move on, this was the keychain attached to the room key! word! coincidence?
after we left the hotel, we went looking for fine philippine cuisine.
check it out here
and this was the show! filamfest 2008 is going down as one of the most memorable shows for me. the crowd was huge. all filipino youth. it made me feel really good to be up there representing them. that's a 'son of ran' shirt i'm rocking from pnoy apparel (my diego fam).
right after the show, we headed back up to eagle rock, through rain and traffic, to do the annual music festival.
this is phat on the phone, finding out that we're going on in 10-minutes... and we were 10-minutes away. eagle rock was a hit for us. great show! great crowd! started to lose my voice halfway through the set, but the crowd kept me going. i look forward to doing this festival again next year.
we ended it all off here at the knitting factory for a show with common market and u-n-i!
thank you all for coming out and continuing to support phat and i. we're trying to do you proud.


Trisha said...

Hey Bambu. Thanks for coming to San Diego. We loved you. Thanks for reppin us, the youth! And most especially THANK YOU for taking the time to talk with us, The Backroom Podcast.

God bless,
Trisha (the girl w/the walkie talkie)

Dominick said...

Damn Bambu! you chillin in IB when you were in SD? fuuuck...who woulda known one of my favorites artist was residing a couple blocks from where I live. Pic of IB is where I surf. Next time youre in SD hit me up to kick it hahaha. Thanks for the music on the real though. I appreciate what you, Geo, and Kiwi do for the community.

Miss Kristia said...

Dang yall work hard homie!

Musicians need a raise.


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