October 1, 2008

...three shows one cup...

october 4th! let me break it down...

phat and i are planning on hitting san diego the night of october 3rd. catch up with some of our daygo fam (ree, ran, zar, c-lo and the broken dreams fam -- holler) for a hot second and crash out for the next day's festivities.

at about 2pm, phat and i will hit the stage at filamfest 2008 in sunny san diego! come check us out!

soon as we get off that stage, we'll hit the road and make that 2-hour trek back to l.a. for the eagle rock music festival, where i'll be doing a short set at the divine forces radio/imix books stage. this promises to be fun!

as the microphone is being placed back in the hands of whoever's hosting the music festival, my left foot will already be off the stage in order to get us down to hollywood for a show with common market at the knitting factory! this is an all ages show, so come through all my young soldiers and let's have some fun!

hopefully i'll be back home in time to recap the day with krish, but more than likely, she'll be dreaming of will dempse, chocolate covered gummi bears and/or fashion week in nyc.

wish us safe travels and hopefully we'll see you at one of these three events -- and if i see you at all three events, you might get a free shirt, cd and whatever hat i'm wearing on my head at the time!

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Ms. Krish said...

Its okay honey, I don't date guys prettier than me. No need to worry about Mr. Demps. <3