October 10, 2008

...who's that girl?!


if you've been to any of the shows recently and seen our merch booth, you may have seen this young woman at the table. more than likely, she's tried to push a cd or two on you, maybe slung you a t-shirt or convinced you to sign up for our mailing list! jana is the right arm of our voltron... the arm that swings the sword! is that right? anyway, she's really helped kat and i in making the team run smoother and more effeciently -- even if it meant driving all the way down to san diego and back up to hollywood in the same day. so, i wanted to take this opportunity to present jana with... the right-hand-of-voltron-or-whichever-hand-holds-the-sword-that-voltron-uses-to-fight-villians-that-seem-to-be-giant-villians-and-then-always-want-to-use-their-size-to-destroy-cities award!

thanks jana!!!

oh, did i mention that she was also a student who's about to graduate from uc.irvine, and that she's currently the president of kababayan at irvine? yeah, she's a gangster!


wes.gee said...

she'll dig this.

i love that girl!

Janafer said...

hahaha i'm going to tell my little bros about this award they'll think their ate is that much cooler, they dig transformers!

i love you guys! you make it easy to want to be there!

i hope seattle is amazin!

Janafer said...

wes says that voltron is like transformers.... close enough! hahaha

Trisha said...

Hey! It's Ish* from the Backroom back in Daygo from the FilAmFest.

It's cool that you point out the small but SIGNIFICANT people on your team. And WOOOO GO ANTEATERS! THAT'S MY ALMA MATER! We work hard!

Anyways, we finally edited everything. Here's a link to your interview.
The Backroom w/Bambu

Thanks, man. Keep it up!

emperor of sultans said...

ey she look familiar...