November 21, 2008

...10 deep...

krish and i went up to see my dad in santa clarita where he's enjoying the retired life. while we were up there we got a chance to peep hbo's installment of pacquiao vs. de la hoya 24/7. it's a documentary style show of each fighter's preparation for the big fight on the 6th. without spoiling the details, oscar de la hoya has paid big money to bring out some of boxing's biggest trainers and consultants to prepare for this bout. he's built a brand new gym in big bear, and even resorted to "holistic" style conditioning for pac-man. meanwhile, in los angeles, manny is holed up in a condo with 10 pinoys -- none of which are professional boxing trainers or consultants. instead of watching tapes of oscar, manny is eating fried salmon steaks and walking his tiny dog. there's a great segment of jinky (his 8-month pregnant wife), who's in the hotel room below her husband (i'm sure this is because of the unwritten rule of the fight world -- no sex before a big fight), walking up to visit her husband. on the balcony outside of the room are a few pinoys smoking cigarettes. when she opens the door, she is greeted by about 10 pinoys/pinays between her and her husband... what is manny doing? push-ups? studying a fight game plan? nope. he's singing karaoke, completely unaware of the camera crew or his wife. hilarious. krish and i got choked up when they showed scenes from back home -- just random b-roll shots of a simpler life back on the islands. pretty good show... got me hype for the fight.

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