November 7, 2008

...pinay under the gun...

am i fan of cassie's music? not really. but, i'm always excited to see a pinay do her thing (nicole scherzinger, vanessa manilo, joy bisco, vanessa hudgens, etc)... so, when i went over to (krish got me hooked on this site) and saw the post below, i couldn't help but get a little upset and feel the need to ride for sis.

"love me longtime?" when are we going to get passed that shit?! not only is the quote offensive, straight up, it ain't been funny since '91. however the media decides to paint this, or any other sister in the spotlight, please remember that these tabloid sites/writers are not gospel. they heard from so and so who heard from so and so, etc. oh, and bloggers/haters, please try something more creative than "she uses her pussy to get places in the industry." yo, this is one sister who will let you know she's pinay -- which is rare for some of ours who get that top 40 love. shake the hate and find something more productive to write about, bloggers. cassie, we got you over here, sis.

Here is Cassie at her pimp’s birthday party last night. We are developing an evil love/hate relationship with that Cassie. She can’t sing or dance, and her ‘outside activities’ with Diddy are helping her career but she always looks on point. She could eat a Popeyes biscuit or two.

She must have gave Diddy some nice “birthday” brains last night, of the love me longtime variety.


Dyno said...

what the fuck..that shit pisses me off.

BAMBU said...


in addition: i'm surrounded by women in the "industry" who are successful, no thanks to their vaginas, and to see them battle that obstacle daily makes me take this shit a little more personally. do i think, or know women who use their sexuality to advance? yeah. but i know a lot more men who sacrifice their integrity and dignity to move forward flipping burgers or telemarketing.

"hmmmm, how can i hate on this woman's success? aha! tell folks she's fucking someone important!"

Jerrald said...

Couldn't have said it any better. I never understood the hate Cassie receives. It's pointless.

Ms. Krish said...

As easy as it is to criticize a young woman like her, we need to question why Puff can feel at liberty to partake in his proteges so freely.

This man has how many baby mamas and still messing with barely legal girls?

Cassie may be young and naive but doesn't deserve to be put down in such a sexist way.