November 7, 2008


"you better quit while you're ahead..."

illmind! i coul run down the list of artists that this brother worked with, but i got a broken right hand at the moment, and it would take all day... i'll name a few so you can get an idea: 50 cent, g-unit, little brother, heltah skeltah, and the list goes on. i have been fortunate enough to have this filipino brother in my circle and the evidence is clear with this banger off the album! we met up in the bay to go over some beats... i left with a beat cd that was 30-joints deep. i wish i could've snatched 'em all up, but the budget ain't fat like that. hit my man up at and tell him bam sent you! oh, and get that illmind mixtape that just dropped about 2 months ago.

this is a joint that allowed me to stretch out my "shit-talking" legs! self explanitory.

at the end of the joint, my homeboy, geologic of the blue scholars drops an acapella gem to help lead into the next joint! dope shit. be on the lookout for geo's solo prometheus brown lp!

muthuhfukkuh, you ain't a tough guy
your songs lie
you fuckin' herb
i got a co-sign from illmind
ask the block if they know bam
every phrase'll start with, "oooh, man..."
and end with, "gotdaaamn, that brother's nice with it!"
even the critics dig it
i only say important shit like a prison visit
i seen your internet videos and i shake my head --
" better quit while you're ahead!"

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