November 20, 2008

...tickle me emo...

got me an advanced copy of kanye's latest, 808's and heartbreak. while i've been working on my photoshop game and the sabzi x bambu project, i've had it spinning on my itunes as background music. i now feel like strangling myself. it's a little too "emo" for my taste buds. love the 808's, i can pass on the heartbreak. i won't ruin it for all you die-hard kanye fans out there with a song-by-song breakdown of the album, but i will say, auto-tune should be taken out to a field and shot. wait, let me take that back -- t-pain should be given sole-custody of auto-tune with no visitation rights granted.

amazing [ft. jeezy]

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Jerrald said...

I didn't mind Autotune that much when T-Pain was the only one using it, but now it's just annoying with all these other artists using it. Not original.