January 17, 2009

...asian basketball?!

my homeboy, tad nakamura put this film together a few years back, and i was fortunate enough to get an early copy... i've always praised him for this work, and now it's gone public!!! the film is called, "yellow brotherhood," and it's about... well, let me not spoil it -- just watch it!!!

Yellow Brotherhood from Tadashi Nakamura on Vimeo.

right now, tad is putting the finishing touches on his newest film, "a song for ourselves." its a documentary about japanese-american artist, chris ijima. if you're smart (and in the southern california area), you'll reserve february 28th to come out to the premiere in little tokyo, los angeles. oh, and if my man's work isn't motivation enough, the premiere of the film will be sandwiched by an exclusive bambu/kiwi (native guns) and blue scholars show!!! i'll have more information closer to the date.

still not convinced? okay, here's a song from the upcoming film's accompanying mixtape, mixed by my kung pao chicken brethren dj phatrick: "when will the time come"

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