January 25, 2009

...fador is an animal...

went to the affliction fight in orange county yesterday with the homies. hella fun! we got there early to catch the pre-fights and catch up.

the pre-fights were cool, but everything after the pay-per-view intro (k-1 tournament style) got serious. starting with the intro music for bobby green (who lost), who used t.i's "what's happening" song... hella hype! good fights throughout the night, but the one of the two highlights came from the homie, paul buentello who just landed hard punch after hard punch on "baby fador." congrats paul! the second highlight came from the mid-air knockout of andrei arlovsky from the night's star, fador! eesh...

the squad (l-r): paul bradley, mark "shark" miller, rakaa, me and phil davis -- click on the picture to find out more about phil and paul (missing - jay tan)

(l-r) rakaa, jay tan, paul and phil

(l-r) mark, rakaa and me

big shout out to my homeboy, mark for hooking up the tickets!!! this muthuhfukkuh knows everybody! i'll be writing a lot more about this dude... he'll be fighting again soon so wish my man luck!

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