January 24, 2009

...gran torino was wack...

...i'm tired of hearing about how great this movie is! fuck this movie.

i took krish and kahlil to a little ilongo restaurant yesterday, and the bootleg dvd dude rolled up in the spot. he offered me 5 top quality movies for $10... no camera shit! gran torino was one of the films.

the movie started out okay... classic tough-guy clint at his wife's funeral, eyeballing his disrespectful little grandkids (obviously, setting us up for a hard-nosed old man who is easily annoyed with the ways of "these kids today"). no problem, i'm with it. then we meet the hmong characters of the film... c'mon. they couldn't find ANY hmong actors who could work across from clint eastwood? first off, the script/dialogue itself was garbage! who talks like this. then the delivery of these lines was making me cringe. poorly acted film on everyone else's part but clint's. i really believed him to be a racial-slur-throwing korean war vet... hmmm... just a very poorly acted movie.

also, can someone explain why ain't nobody talking about the very WRONG way the people of color were portrayed in this film?! the lowriding cholo's, complete with four-finger bandana, the disrespectful woman-groping black men who just stand on the corner in basketball gear, and the super submissive asian folks who just allow this old man to walk up in the crib calling them "slopes" and "gooks." sorry, maybe i've just never met any of these people! every hmong person i've ever met would fuck you up if you walked up in the crib talking that shit!

the dopest shit in the movie is the car, and we only get one really good moment with that. this movie gets a big thumbs-down in my book. get the bootleg if you really want to see it! oh, and that's not the homie nam in the movie -- haha!


someone just directed me to geo's review of the film -- check it out if you want a much smarter analysis of the film. though i don't completely agree with my brother, i totally understand the breakdown! geo's fuckin' smart!!!


nam said...

yea it is me, foo! you didnt know?

like my lil homie says.."better watch ya back.." *finger gun*

BAMBU said...

hahaha! wutdaheyo?! dis clint eastwoo, huh?!

jaytan716 said...

Word to the burb turds. Peep my quickie review here: http://apps.facebook.com/flixster/u/791645485?filter=all&sort=date&order=desc&offset=25&pageNav=2

Then scroll down and see some dude's reply to ME reviewing the movie on MY OWN PROFILE!!!

My main beef was that after Racist Old Man learns his lesson, the name calling shit still was supposed to be comic relief. And I thought the kid actually showed more heart declining his cousins at the beginning of the movie rather than the end, when the day has to get saved by ol' white dude ('cuz, y'know. . . the Asians can't save themselves).

He can eat a dick for UNFORGIVEN as well.