January 20, 2009

...show and prove...

when i was in junior high school, my homeboys and i would ignore our american history teacher's lectures and flip through our history book looking for funny pictures... then we would look over at each other and hand signal the page number and laugh our asses off. i guess what i'm getting at is, wasn't shit in those books that i related to. nothing in the lectures that made me feel an attachment to american history. the very short chapter on civil rights only spoke of speeches, peaceful protests, rosa parks and maybe a short paragraph on harriet tubman. the rest of that book, to me, was old white guys in powdered wigs and old white guys in finely pressed suit and tie jumpoffs. how will my son, kahlil's american history book look? will barack obama get an entire chapter or a short paragraph? have the books changed much since my day? the word "historic" is being thrown around by my peers and i wonder what will be swept away under obama's superstardom... oscar grant. sean bell. jena 6. katrina. are these "historic" events strong enough to get a blurb in a book? did these events, these tragedies earn a spot in a book that is aimed to teach our children of what has lead us to our now? will kahlil relate?

i think if one teacher had taught the youth in my community of their history, things would truly be different. i think if we were given information on the root of our self-hatred, many of us might better recognize it and be able to check it before it became a fight... before it became a murder. okay, i'm ranting. enough. y'all get what i'm saying.

it's time to be critical, kasamas.


IGOTSOLE said...

deng, i use to do that too. I use to edit it with funny captions and laugh my ass off with who ever was sitting next to me.

interesting to think how history books are going to look for future generations. So many historic moments and world changing ones.

R O A D S said...

lol, damn. i remembered doin that shit too!!

very good point, i never thought of what the future generations 'historical' text books would look like. but its up to us, our generation to keep that in mind at all times and inform our (future) kids what they don't learn in their text books.

R O A D S said...

oh shieeeet..

so i was just listenin to one of your tracks from .38 revolver.. i actually don't know what the track is called because my computer at work didn't recognize it.

"middle america is gunnin for your freedom.
red states, blue states, fuck 'em they all theivin.
they cleanin out every closet and coverin' dirty laundry.
homosexuals, muslims, the coloreds and the comees (sp?).
so hopefully, it'll be all be jesus worshippers and honkies
and maybe eminem will be the only rapper left on the; red, white, blue soil.
shady and his affiliates
he'll be makin' beats for unreleased native guns lyrics (naaaah).
when we die in the revolutionary way we wish to.
we will be in the history books with malcolm x too.
as radical piece (?), hatin *iggas with no sense.
they're be pictures of my people wit they t-shirts drenched.
but we will fight til that picture is the other way around
and every face in your school text book is black and brown
and the statue of my four fathers is raised with a blade
and we celebrate by takin' off a couple work days,
just to bask in the sun, breathe in kiss in your lungs,
and teach every little one how to load up a gun.
so that we never let these colonizer rapers return
and if they do; let they stringy hand blacken as they burn.
native guns.."

very strong verse, bam! hella feelin it!! you should remix this song!!!!!!!

BAMBU said...

wow. thank roads! i ain't heard that verse in FOREVER... 'bout to revisit now!!!

Prometheus Brown said...


18th century wigs and wear are still funny as shit to me, to this day.

history is over. you aint know? all future books are gonna end with January 20, 2009.

"and America lived happily ever after. the end."

show and provoke!

CVT said...

The history books aren't going to get any better, no matter what else happens.

It's up to the teachers to educate themselves enough to get around the holes in the texts, so the kids can really learn something - because it's not the textbook version of history that tells us all the mistakes we're trying to avoid for the future . . .

BAMBU said...