February 16, 2009

...f**k abraham lincoln...

just watch!


EVisILLIN said...

just a fellow reader and educator and thought I'd share my two cents..

Many of us know that while Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, he only did so because he wanted to "unite" the Union.. we know he had slaves too and is guilty of being racist.. but i can say that if he hadn't done what he did, then who knows how much longer slavery would have lasted.

It's also a fact that many of the "heroes" of our time are guilty of racism. Ghandi himself has written that he completely loathed Blacks and thought that they were taking work away from Indians in India at the time..

So basically.. i'm saying we should look for the positive things that come out from people like Lincoln, Ghandi, etc.. instead of nitpicking every thing they say or write. Just my two cents.. =) Peace and Love!

BAMBU said...

appreciate your thoughts!

jtthirtyfour said...

While Lincoln may have been racist, you have to consider all he said and did...I believe the first quote was from a political debate with Stephen Douglas in the state of Illinois - Lincoln was a politician first, seems to me just saying what he needed to say to get elected, when speaking in front of what probably was a majority white crowd in Illinois

If you read some of his personal letters to friends he seems more opposed to slavery...but a little naive about it.

Also, in the context of all US presidents, and that actions speak louder than words - Lincoln is pretty high up there in terms of what he did, especially considering what other presidents have been guilty of.