February 4, 2009

...a little late, i know...

let me rewind for a second... this past weekend was pretty busy. spent the majority of friday hanging out with the family, knowing that i'd be pretty busy on saturday...

saturday started off real good! caught up with kat and headed out to riverside for the southern california pilipino american student alliance summit. as usual, being in a college setting, watching all my young brothers and sisters coming together under the umbrella of education made me wish i went to college! i was able to weave in and out of some really good workshops; everything from igorot dance, alibata, student organizing and undocumented students was covered. i enjoyed them all equally and i commend all the facilitators and students on a great summit!

at the end of the summit, i scrambled to find the bj penn fight... after what seemed like a hopeless cause, krish came through with the streaming link online. not the best quality, but i could see what was going on. without drawing it out too much, my boy, bj penn got served something vicious. i was bummed. i'll always be a bj fan (pause) -- i mean, i'll always be a penn fan, but that fight was difficult to watch. congrats to the breakdancing canadian on the win.

after that upsetting loss, ernie and jana drove me down to "the vibe" for the main reason i was so many miles away from home -- the show. when i got there, i noticed that the crowd couldn't be more split down the middle. you had riverside locals in t-shirts, jeans and i seen some in sweats, obviously there to just kick it... and then you had the uc riverside pinoys/pinays dressed to ill!!! button up shirts, ties, dresses, heels, etc. very split down the middle. at the beginning, this division was very clear on the dance floor... the homie jimbo jenkins threw on some dance joints and the pinoys/pinays took over the floor. the locals sat at the bar, watching my young brothers and sisters let loose. but, all that shit when away when the show started...

speak and pheo rocked first, and set the bar high for all the performances that night. their set was really entertaining! the balance between pheo's rhyme delivery and wordplay and the theatrics of speak were fun to watch... it ended with speak across the dance floor, standing on the bar with a megaphone! during their short set, confetti was thrown into the crowd, silly string was shot out everywhere, and a tamborine busted all over the stage... dope set.


i went on next. i did my thing! i think what set me off to go in hard on this set was a group of fans who drove to riverside together... i think 5 or 6 from whittier and 1 from yuma, arizona!!! juanita and katie approached me first to let me know that a) it was katie's birthday and b) juanita drove all the way from yuma for this show... much love to the whole squad for coming through!!! i really appreciate that -- you guys are exactly what i needed to re-energize me for 2009!

the show closed out with the hometown hero, codeen. the atmosphere shifted quick when the homie hit the stage. it felt like the entire club got on stage! it was a lot fun. the beats were thumping out of the speakers and codeen went in! blunts were being passed around, mics were being passed around and the crowd was singing along like it was jay-z concert! great set.


we drove home at about 3am with big smiles on our faces! kat and phat put together an amazing after-event/show for all the scpasa and riverside folks! i just showed up! i kneel to y'all: "i'm not worthy..."

the next day, sunday, we shot over to the homie johneric's birthday barbecue at big mike's crib in p-town. i know i talk about it a lot, but, this barbecue is something fierce. i've traveled the world: japan, korea, china, indonesia, malaysia, thailand, yemen, saudi arabia, yugoslavia, antartica... i've traveled across the u.s. too, and i've yet to taste barbecue as good as johneric's... believe me, i've tried. i'm a meat eating fool, and barbecue is my favorite style of meat -- so, i know what i'm talking about. the kasamas were all in the house and we had a blast. makes me miss them more when we get together like that! oh, yeah, and the superbowl was on... wasn't a fan of either, but damn, they had a nice battle going for that trophy!

that's it! this weekend is shaping up to be just as fun -- i'll fill y'all in. see the flyers at the right for more info on this week's events!

oh, and i also found out that i got nominated for a screen actors guild award! best stunt ensemble for indiana jones... crazy.

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