February 21, 2009

...movement music...

i've been screaming about these brothers for a hot minute! styliztik jones and kb imean (malcolm and martin) are two of the nicest rhymers in southern cali right now, and with dj revolution behind the boards and on the tables, how can these two go wrong..? they just dropped their free mixtape, movement music, and i've linked it for download below. this is a real mixtape! break beats straight through mixed by dj revolution, and of course, cuts for days by one of the greatest turntablists to do it. then just as an added super-bonus, the duo known as malcolm and martin go hard over the breaks!!! this is one of those joints you just let play -- keep your hand off the forward, pause and/or stop button! i've been fortunate enough to have these brothers in my camp and even laced a verse on the latter half of the mixtape! watch out for the upcoming album -- i promise, it'll break your face!

click on the picture to download

1. (00:03:55) What The Hell Happened to you?
2. (00:00:27) A New Day-Skull Snaps
3. (00:02:30) Status Quo-Saul Williams on the wake up show
4. (00:00:35) Rock Bed-J. Trombey
5. (00:00:34) Its my thing-James Coffey
6. (00:01:46) Do Your thing-Malcolm & Martin
7. (00:00:39) Hihache-Lafayette Afro Rock Band
8. (00:01:25) Do What you Gotta dp-Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. limited
9. (00:03:21) Welcome to the Movement-Malcolm & MArtin
10. (00:04:12) Lunchtyme Cyphers-Malcolm & Martin
11. (00:00:33) Making Tracks-Night Train
12. (00:01:14) Sample Culture-Saul Williams on the wake up show
13. (00:00:18) Talking loud-James Brown
14. (00:02:03) Sayin’Nothing-Malcolm & MArtin
15. (00:01:02) Hollywood Swingin’-Kool & The Gang
16. (00:02:00) Jungle Boogie-Kool & The Gang
17. (00:01:07) Let the Drums Speak-Fat Back Band
18. (00:02:36) Word to the Drum-Malcolm & MArtin
19. (00:01:17) Mind Power-James Brown
20. (00:01:07) Funk for the Folks-The Soul Searchers
21. (00:00:43) Melting Pot-Booker T & The MG’s
22. (00:05:53) Another Victory-Malcolm & MArtin
23. (00:00:31) Make my Funk-Parliment Funkadelic
24. (00:00:48) Feel the Funk-Ceasar Frazier
25. (00:03:31) The Ka$H-Malcolm & MArtin
26. (00:01:02) Misleading Words-Saul Williams on the wake up show
27. (00:01:32) Against the Wall-Malcolm & MArtin
28. (00:03:23) Great Nation-Bambu
29. (00:00:38) Kissed my baby-The Meters
30. (00:03:04) Time Machine-Styliztik Jones/Randy Pie
31. (00:02:18) Win or Lose-Malcolm & Martin
32. (00:01:19) Ghetto funk-Duralcha
33. (00:01:27) Sista Big Butt-Malcolm & Martin
34. (00:00:46) Gotta be Funky-Monk Higgins
35. (00:00:54) Hung Up-Salt


Haris said...

link's not working

BAMBU said...

i just fixed it. sorry about that!

slats said...

This is a stand out mix tape in the wash of all the sub-standard demo ish type mix tapes that have flooded the net in the last few years

camilyn said...


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