February 10, 2009

...on hiatus...

had a great show on friday night in san francisco -- despite a little drama. big up to my brwn bflo familia and the homie nomi for holding me down! thanks to everyone who came out!

still up here in the bay with limited internet, so, i won't give up any real posts til' i get home!

oh, before i forget: please check out this site and vote for the music video/commercial i co-starred in for lincoln (the car company) -- the same film-makers behind the "champion" and "crooks and rooks" videos entered a contest for lincoln and won!!! congrats to xylophone and kid heroes for a job well done!!! you up and coming artists better holler at them to do your video now, before their prices get too high!!! ha!


R O A D S said...

sorry to hear about your show regarding them drunk fools. but it truly shows how much of a person you are to actually stop your set and confront the issue. much respect, bam! freals.

that video is so sick. great job to everyone that was involved in it! i've voted a few times. ha!

Kristia said...

We enjoyed the show and it was the refreshing reboost your shows always are to help return to the grind and the movement with the same energy.

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