February 16, 2009

...a song for ourselves mixtape...


1. Iijima, Miyamoto, Chin - “We Are The Children” (Intro)
2. Blue Scholars - “Cornerstone”
3. Native Guns - “Slave Thinking”
4. Native Guns feat. Geologic - “Agitation Propaganda”
5. Iijima, Miyamoto, Chin - “Jonathan Jackson”
6. Bambu - “When Will The Time Come?” prod. by Will Bracy
7. Kiwi - “Gaza 2 Oakland” prod. by DJ Phatrick
8. Blue Scholars - “Back Home”
9. Chris Iijima - “Vietnamese Lament (Live)”
10. Iijima, Miyamoto, Chin - “War Of The Flea” (Senz of Depth Remix ft. Bambu)
11. Bambu - “Chairman Mao” (Paper Planes edit)
12. Blue Scholars - “Fire For The People”
13. Kiwi - “Cause”
14. Native Guns feat. Geologic - “Said It” (Asi Remix)
15. Iijima, Miyamoto, Chin - Divide & Conquer (Fatgums Remix ft. Geologic, Kiwi, & Bambu)
16. Chris Iijima Soliloquy
17. Kiwi - “Imagine”
18. Bambu - “Seven Months”
19. Blue Scholars - “Life and Debt”


deap said...

any chance of a reup on thirty-eight revolver??

BAMBU said...

i'll check in on it -- dj phatrick had the link up... i'll get it adjusted... thanks for checking in on that!

Lance. said...

yeah man, i really wanna listen
to that thirty-eight revolver mixtape. hope it'll be back up soon.

BAMBU said...

it's up now, y'all!!!! thanks to dj phatrick!!!

deap said...

word Bambu... good looks on that joint. Listening to it now!

do you happen to have a track list handy? everything is tagged as "track 01". beggars wont be choosers so im happy to have it at all, so no big deal either way!

stay real brotha!

Marlan said...

bambu: hey from dc. who's the voice on the "we are the children" track? thanks for putting this out there. much love & support for the work you guys put in. -marlan

[farmerjohn's cousin from dc!]

BAMBU said...

this is actually a song by chris iijima. he's singing the song. hi!!!

Paul said...

thanks for the .38 revolver Bam... more power and God Bless!

legit.naded said...

hey kuya bam any chance you can hook me up with the .38 revolver mixtape? my other computer broke and i've been looking for it the whole entire night!

Erick said...

Is it still up? I know it's been a couple years since these posts.

Wordy Allen said...


Did you ever get that link?