February 23, 2009

...why i think rashida jones is cool...

top 5 reasons that make her cool in my book:

1. she's hella funny. if you don't recognize her, you can catch her work on the office, chappelle's show, and the upcoming comedy, i love you, man.
2. she can sing. she's done back-up vocals on some of her dad's joints (quincy jones) and on a tupac tribute song with mac mall and qd3.
3. she is a board member for the international peace games -- an organization that promotes resolution through peace among youth.
4. she's from l.a. -- which probably makes her a dodgers and a lakers fan!
5. she's hella funny.

top 5 reasons that make her not-so-cool in my book:

1. she's friends with claire danes. wack.
2. her father is quincy jones, so there's no way i could have a debate about music with her -- it would end with, "well, my dad, quincy jones worked on that album, so..." wack.
3. she dated tobey maguire... not spider-man -- the dork before he got bit. wack.
4. she hangs with the "young hollywood" crowd, so hanging out with the homies would be like chinese water-torture. wack.
5. she's friends with claire danes. double-wack.


Paulino said...

Wasn't she engaged to Tupac?

BAMBU said...

...her sister was...