May 23, 2009

...ain't nothin' like a brooklyn -- *wop!!!

i never use this acronym, but i must for this: LMFAO!

when i first saw this, i thought, "oh, cool, she's rocking the diamond 'dmnd' hoodie!" second, i realized it was the homies over at hoodnews who were doing the filming. lastly, after the punch, i thought, "damn, that's fucked up (giggle)!" it brought back a memory for me that i'd like to keep buried deep down there... when i was in junior high, this really tall and husky girl, who's name we'll leave out, bum-rushed me in the hallway. she just started throwing fists all over my dome... haha. instinctively, i wanted to scrap back, but, one, she was way bigger than me, and two, mama said to never hit a girl. so, i just sat there and got lumped up -- oh, and the reason she thumped me was because a rumor got started around school that i made out with her little sister... not true. anyway, after seeing this and laughing my ass off (sorry) i did some research on the drama. i found out that homegirl who socked charles hamilton's ass is actually mary j. blige's step-daughter! also, that charles hamilton and homegirl arere rumored to be pregnant or had been pregnant at one time -- which is why the "abortion" line in his freestyle set her off. there is such a thing as going too far... and sonic the hedgehog just found out where that line was. i mean, the sister's verse (the one she read off of her phone) was about their bad relationship, and this idiot approached it like he was battling at fight klub or something.

charles hamilton: owned. hahaha.

i got the lowdown on necole bitchie's blog regarding the incident. peep...

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