June 9, 2009

...big apple love...

because of the two pictured above, i was able to make my way out to new york city this past week. we had a few events, radio shows, interviews, 2 music videos and too many meetings to count! still waiting on photos from lyrics for literacy 2 event... but, in the meantime, here's some pictures from pnoy apparel's shirt the kids charity showcase!!! shout outs at the end...

los angeles in new york city (brian catacutan)

pnoy apparel's shirt the kids charity showcase (brian catacutan)

ashley robles opened it up for the night (chris huang)

kiwi doing what he does best -- murder (chris huang)

deep foundation (chris huang)

phatty and kj butta [nyc's finest host -- cerritos!] (chris huang)

ruby hosted the night's events (chris huang)

doing it. (chris huang)

deep foundation and yours truly at the afterparty (illpoe)

grace and i doing the "great success" celebration (jenn vela)

pnoy apparel show (jenn vela)

live and direct (kat amidar)

yes... it was inevitable -- native guns. (kat amidar)

shouts to zar, grace, kj, freddy, roger, df, ruby, pablo, chace, edz, stunt squad, manny, chris, rise up radio, mugs, kiwi, ruby, ashley, pops, pnoy apparel, lauren, jamie, fat fingaz, arlene, ugnayan/damayan, ephniko and of course, mi familya: phat and kat...


R O A D S said...

you foe sho took a big ass bite off of the big apple, bro!! the FiRE sisters mos def kept me in the loop with ya'lls. almost made it seem like i was there? ha! so when we can see ya'lls in the NW again yo?!

Time Square Music said...

yo that jacket is DOPE.

Wren said...