August 10, 2009

...808, 808, 808 (update)...

it's official, i'll be joining my northwest familia, blue scholars on their hawaii tour this september -- so tell your cousins on the island to be ready! i recently took a trip up north early in july to visit seattle with the family and during the trip i got to catch up with my brother, pro-brown who was kind enough to let me load a copy of the new scholars ep, "oof!" into my ipod. it hasn't stopped playing since. i promise that on release day, august 24th, if you cop this, you'll be more than happy with what comes out of your speakers... or headphones. my personal favorite? "new people!" i remember eavesdropping on sabzi and geo rehearsing backstage for a show we did in l.a. -- geo did the verse for "new people" while sabzi played the beat on his iphone. i was instantly drawn to the verse! geo went in! so, be on the lookout for the new ep, the new video and geoloic's performance at this year's festival of philippine arts and culture!

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