August 9, 2009

...penn state...

i woke up in high spirits after the great fights put on last night at ufc 101. i got invited by the homie, jay to come out and watch the fight with the legends gym guys at big wangs. i got there just in time! let's cut right to it -- silva was something ferocious! i like forrest griffin. i think he's had a good career in the cage and he's remained humble through it all. but, last night silva made him look amateur at best. after a couple of aggressive attempts to rush anderson, forrest got caught with what looked like a tap on the chin. as silva was skipping backwards out of range, he threw, no, he placed a punch right on forrest's chin. dropped his ass! done. as soon as he regained composure, forrest ran out of the ring before the announcers had a chance to raise silva's hand in victory.

but forget all that! i came to see baby jay do his thing! i felt the fight was lackluster from an "audience" perspective. primarily because ken-flo's strategy was to remain out of range, throw a few kicks and make very weak attempts at taking bj down. this repeated for 3 rounds. it was obvious that florian did not possess the strength to knock penn out. in the 4th round, bj finally decided, at the advice of his brother, to take kenny to the ground. from half guard, to full mount, to taking florian's back -- from there, rear naked choke. done.

congratulations to my favorite fighter in the game, bj penn! baby jay for governor!

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