August 24, 2009

...we want our money back...

i have my very strong criticisms of michael moore. often times i feel his white-privilege goes overlooked in his own work. his statements about mumia abu jamal's guilt in the book, "dude, where's my country" really put this into perspective for me. during an amy goodman sit down interview, he did backtrack a little and say this it was satirical and that he doesn't think mumia got a fair trial... but, that shit ain't funny. if i were on death row, i wouldn't want anybody using my trial as a jump off to be funny. anyway, in the bigger picture, i appreciate his fat-ass presence in mainstream media, because this very non-threatening caucasian is asking his people to try and check their shit at the door. i thought the awful truth was genius at times. i really do like all of his work, but I'm also very critical of it at the same time. the LEFT ain't got all the answers either y'all... don't believe the hype. anyway, here's the preview of his latest work, "capitalism: a love story." i'll be watching.

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