September 15, 2009 festival...

my weekend was packed with work, family, friends, community and culture.

if y'all have been keeping up with me, you should know that the past three months have been dedicated to organizing the 18th annual festival of philippine arts and culture as the programming director. the festival, for my fellow staff members and volunteers, began on friday night with the final preparations for game day! 5am crept up on me and we were off. i got to the park at 6am to the sound of stages being erected and vendors setting up their tables. i was immediately handed on a walkie/headset and the labor of love began.

saturday saw a few snags, but for the most part, the first day of the festival was great! my programming worked well only because i had great crews working all of the stages and pavillions -- especially jen, gerry, telly, anneli, jay, sonny and mary rose! without them the programs would have failed with a bang! so, thank you. all the performances were great! our saturday headlining block was flawless -- opened up by my brother in arms, geologic (aka prometheus brown), the crowd was stacked. the transition right into the dance groups kept the crowd engaged!

saturday night. the dent in an otherwise perfect weekend. let me start by apologizing to the counted 200+ fans that came through and got turned away for bullshit reasons like not adhering dress code (which we were told would NOT be a problem), being extorted for another $25 to get in, etc. so, fuck the social in hollywood. for the fans that made it beyond the douche-nozzles that run the social, the short set of performances did offer a brief piece of redemption. oneson and ashley robles from san diego hit the stage with a great set (despite the faulty sound system and very small stage). rocky rivera jumped on there next to a crazy reception -- the ladies were definitely amped. the night finished off with deep foundation from new york city, performing their signature hit, "children of the sun." i bounced before they finished, because another second in that spot would've seen me punching a promoter in the mouth! on behalf of myself, all the performers, fpac and pnoy apparel, i apologize for the fiasco.

sunday. same as saturday for the morning setup. dion, charles and i got to the park ready to tackle the issues we anticipated from the previous day's problemas. not much to say about the day except that it went perfectly. every issue encountered got resolved quickly and without slowing down our festival flow. the headliners began with the fighting cocks! the lead singer, farmer john, who also happens to be the head chef and owner of the park's finest bbq found enough energy to kill the set! good job, brother! kiwi walked on to the stage next to an overwhelming response. the crowd was thick! i watched from the side of the stage as my brothers took off! dj phatrick decided to dress up for the occasion in brand new kicks, a clean hat and the beatrock anthony bourdain shirt... he never dresses up for my shows! wtf?! anyway, i watched and the bug hit me. phat looked down at me from the stage and signaled for me to grab the mic... none of which was planned! i promise! gerry grabbed me a mic and as soon the native guns' single, "champion" came on, i hit the stage -- but not before yelling into my walkie headset that i was going on break! haha. kiwi killed it. right after kiwi came a legend of fpac that i don't need to comment too much on, because his name is synonymous with entertainment, rex navarrete! enough said. the next set of performers threw the soul into our festival this year. there have been a flood of artists who've utilized to showcase their talent and i managed to grab the best of them. mike isberto, melissa polinar, jr aquino and aj rafael! because of some issues on the other stages, i didn't get to catch all the sets, but the ones i did see made me pat myself on the back for bringing them out!

other highlights of the festival were harvey drive and all the first time performers on the generations stage, imb academy, ijo ija academy and mark munoz in the martial arts pavillion and the giant vegetable in the senior village! too many great things to list out. great weekend.

also, hanging out with deep foundation, irie eyes, mai and the whole seattle fam gave my weekend the extra points needed to be a complete win.

special thanks to dion, charles, missy, ben, kat, jilly, vanessa, joe, girlie, anthony, noel and the rest of the fpac staff and volunteers. next year..?

okay, let's move forward. hawaii. so, this weekend i leave for a 5 show tour with the blue scholars in hawaii. half vacation and half work for me! i'm excited about the gigs -- see y'all on the islands, bruh! oof!

Where: Loft, 115 N.Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96813
When: Friday, September 18, 2009
AND Friday, September 25, 2009
Ages: 18+
Prices: $20 General Admission
Tickets on sale NOW at The Loft

Where: Hard Rock Cafe Lahaina, 900 Front St., Lahaina, HI 96761-2335
When: Saturday, September 19, 2009
Ages: 21+
Prices: $20 General Admission
Tickets on sale NOW at Hard Rock Cafe Lahaina Maui

Where: Kona Rockstarz, 74-5484 Kaiwi St., Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740
When: Saturday, September 26, 2009
Ages: 21+
Prices: $20 General Admission
Tickets on sale NOW at Kona Rockstarz

oh, and one last thing -- we won! congrats to the whole cast and crew of the "crooks and rooks" music video! it won best video at the chicago hip hop film festival!

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Robert said...

Yo that is well deserved! The video is one of my favorites to this day.Keep rocking.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres