September 6, 2009's been a long time...

...i shouldn't've left you -- wait, is that right? "shouldn't've?" or is it, "shouldn't have?" anyway, i've been busy. working on some projects before the year's end. i'll list them out for you in order of how much it's driving me mad.

1. festival of philippine arts & culture. i love this festival. i love the staff! when this position (program director) was offered to me, i knew i wouldn't be accepting it for the money. i knew i would have to find the strength to do this off of sheer love for my community and for the culture that this festival represents. every year i watch the organizers and volunteers run around the festival grounds, taking care of my needs as an artist and really trying to hold themselves together emotionally as the world around them seems to be chipping away. i knew that it must've been tough on them, but i didn't really understand it until now. the volunteers, the builders, the board and the directors (myself included) have a love for this event that i find tear-jerking almost. every phone call, every meeting and every sigh of frustration i witness makes me truly admire the folks behind this. i'm certain that this will be the one and only time i do this job, but i say that with the utmost respect and as humble as an ant. with all this said, i look forward to another great festival and i hope to see all of my friends an family out there, enjoying the day in celebration of our ancestors and our roots as a people. oh, and before i end this paragraph, let me say that i am in serious "check-yourself" mode after dealing with some of these artists. i understand the need to be compensated and to be treated fairly, but some of y'all take this artist shit too far! i really wish i could call these folks out! zero sense of community!

2. the ...paper cuts... ep. on a whim, i decided to throw together an 8-song ep for the holiday season. released exclusively through itunes, i hope to make my deadline. nothing too crazy, just something to keep the family with good music for the cold air. on this project i took a louder sound on with the help of nick james, anon, dex beats, amani, mtk and digital martyrs. the mtk joint really inspired me to take this project on. trust when i say, the mtk joint is a great way to set off the push of this project. hopefully we'll be able to release that joint by october... hopefully. fingers crossed for this ep.

3. more projects. i've been trying to organize all the projects i took on after ...exact change... dropped, but the challenge with these is that there are other people involved in partnership, and with scheduling it makes it hard to lock things down as quickly than a solo project. let's make a quick list shall one:

- keelay & zaire x bambu "...banana clip sunday..."
- sabzi x bambu
- cadillac rebellion (do dat x bambu)
- fobbdeep x steez x bambu
- rhettmatic x roscoe umali x bambu
- mystic x bambu
- kronic plague x bambu
- johnny 5 x bambu

yeah, i know, huh? well, i was pretty wide-eyed and high off the success of ...exact change... and wanted to take on anything proposed... not too smart -- especially when i gave myself a goal to have the first 4 of those projects (above) out before christmas. so, this is also why i decided to get ...paper cuts... out. i'm excited about all of these projects and each one promises to show a different bam on each one.

4. more shows. pretty self explanatory. i'm really excited about the blue scholars hawaii tour to celebrate the very successful release of OOF!. i never get tired of watching the growth of these two dudes on stage... pause. plus, who the fuck doesn't want to do 5 shows in hawaii?! also, right after that we got san diego for filamfest (really dope event) and seattle for something my homeboy, kiwi-impersonator, fellow devil dog, 4-hour session master and my northwest arch nemisis, brian myers put together. since kahlil's birth, i like to take it easy in december on the show tip, because everyone i love seems to be a sagittarius... wtf?! so, keep checking that sidebar for the shows.

5. ready, aim, speak. i'm bringing my afterschool writing workshop back to the old stomping grounds. i learned a lot from last year, and i'm hoping to take those lessons and apply the changes into this year's batch. i'll probably start up in october, so, there's another thing to add to the bag of "what makes bambu insane."

6. tira muna philippine martial art/stick club. over the years, as i've studied with the different masters of the beautiful and effective martial arts of the philippines, i've found what my future has in store -- the good and the bad. after this rap thing is done, i plan on opening a community space to give our community cultural art programs and to be able to share my knowledge of the martial arts of our country. why stamp a new name on and not just take the name of one system? i will gladly explain. but first, let me say that i have the utmost respect for every guro who's every let me swing a rattan stick in their presence and guide my art into what it is today -- for this i am forever grateful and humble to you. BUT, in that same breath, i would like to address the guro's that i've studied under that have found the need to inject their disdain for other schools into a space that is meant to build unity, discipline and modesty. i can't stand the politics of the martial arts. this school doesn't like this school, this guro hates this guro, blah, blah. settle it in the circle. it's disheartening and is what continues to perpetuate the negative machismo that is stamped onto such an intriguing art. so, i wanted to separate myself from it all, study what i have picked up, dissect it as much as i am capable and share it to those who wish to try. you'll be hearing more about this in the future. for now, let's concentrate on rap.

so, without saying, my family has been patient throughout this. krish has been great at balancing our lives out -- but it ain't easy. she's finishing up her album and is bouncing between the bay and l.a. in preparation. through it all though, she always makes sure our son is taken care of. life is good. see y'all this weekend.

oh, and (*ehem ehem) i wouldn't miss the shirt the kids los angeles show... trust me.


wes.gee said...

dig the update, bam.
doin' work!

glad to see that for another year FPAC is going strong.

and from paper cuts to your collabo w/ keelay & zaire, i'm definitely lookin forward to the upcoming projects, man!

FlowEthics said...

Can't wait for FPAC and the upcoming projects you got coming brotha. Exact Change my favorite album of 08 hands down.

See you this weekend.


R O A D S said... many projects, so little projects!!! DAMN, BAM!! can't wait until OCT 11th show!!! this is going to be THEE birthday eveeerrrrrrr!!! holler!!! have fun in the 808!!