October 20, 2009

...daygo, sea-town, frisco and sac...

photo by geologic aka prometheus brown

i'm back home. as you hopefully are aware of by now, there was a terrible storm (typhoon) that landed in and flooded the philippines. what's left of the big city, manila, is mud and ruined homes. obviously, the main culprit here is the month's worth of rain that dropped in a matter of hours over the city -- but, the mudslides, the weakened infrastructure of buildings and damns that resulted in hundreds of lost lives are secondary to the abuse of natural resources in the surrounding vegetation of manila. the rerouting of money that should've been spent on securing proper drainage for the city and strengthening damns instead went into the pockets of a few. but, that's beside the point right now, we need aid. the people are in genuine need of assistance! this is what my past few weeks have consisted of -- doing benefit shows and helping spread the word about the many relief efforts going on throughout the country... and i'm still going! please visit: www.stp-relief.org and follow me on twitter to find out where the next drop-off spot for donations will be and when the next fundraiser is happening.

on saturday, october 3rd, i was honored to take part in san diego's filamfest! i said it last year and i'll say it again -- the youth at this festival get me hype! like last year, the youth came out in the thousands. i also got a brief chance to catch up with the many friends and fam i have out in daygo: ree obana, zar, grace and the rest of the pnoy ap family, cros, mike, bee, felt and the rest of the armory clan, gabnet san diego, backroom podcast, heavy rotation, pst, know your roots and of course, all the organizers of the festival (great job y'all)! i also got to meet someone that i'm a big fan of, brandon "the truth" vera! before i went on, gabnet san diego got a chance to speak on the typhoon relief efforts and really got the youth in the proper mindset for what i went there to do. thank you to everyone who came out and got a chance to build with me! daygo!

photo of filamfest by lily prijoles


october 9th had me, phat and steph in glendale. the minx. eeehhh... well, i got to chill with my homeboy roscoe umali and fam, icey ice and see some old friends from baaaack in the day! the event raised money.

off to seattle the next day. october 11th was a special night. native guns reunion. now, kiwi and i have done a few songs together here in los angeles, but nothing worthy of calling itself a "reunion" show. seattle was a perfect warm up for what may or may not come to a city near you... keep guessing. it was like riding a bike! as soon as phat, kiwi and i got on that stage, we were on again. the energy was great and i couldn't get the smile off my face. kiwi is still someone i look up to in the rap game and i always look to learn something from the guy! the acts that went on before us killed it: daps one, jfk, rocky rivera and jerneye all brought the a-game! pro-brown hosted. geologic for president. oh, and the cypher that took place outside of the venue -- wow! language arts is that dude! look out for this guy! i spent the next 3 days out in the 206, just spending quality time with my northwest familia: bee, pro-brown, sabzi, nam, khingz, gabriel, chev, chera, ajani, chel, arjay, hov, jans, sin and the guest from hawaii, carol! spent a lot of time going back and forth with bee about life, love and business -- i love that fucking guy!

photo of native guns reunion in seattle by d-skzl

photo of me, bee and doc by geologic aka prometheus brown

photo of me opening the blue scholars' in-store at goorin brothers store, seattle... by aj ragasa

then it was off to san francisco. business and relaxation all rolled up into one. look out for the keelay & zaire x bambu ep coming soon, "...banana clip sunday..." also, be on the lookout for the rocky rivera album! ouch! she brings honor to nikki d, yo-yo, mia x, boss, conscious daughters, queen latifah, miss melodie, sister isis... you get the point! the album is awesome -- there's something for every type of hip hop fan on the 13-joint product!

on october 15, i rolled up to sacramento for my first real bambu show (which was also a typhoon fundraiser and homeless shelter drive). crack! loved it. got a lot of love in the 916 and i plan on making sacramento a regular stop from now on! got to see my sister, b-girl shasta (who's shouted out on my first album), who moved back up to sac from la, and i'm glad she's doing great! big up to hip hop congress for a great show and to my girl nina for bringing me out and holding me down while i was there! sac-town! pictures to come...

now i'm home. enjoying some chill time with my boy and his momma. writing and re-writing for some new shit. breath, homeboy.

next up, october 28th. stay tuned.


R O A D S said...

damn...you literally visited cities that started with the letter "S"..lol. that's wsup!!

nina said...

i just wanted to say THANK YOU. thank you for enlightening yet another city.. everyone wants you back! me and shasta are already planning your next visit.. HAHA! maraming salamat pare... ~nina

Ms. Krish said...

it's "breathe".

*annoyed sigh