October 4, 2009

...from the rock to the mainland...

forgive me for not updating in a minute. i came home to the news of a month's worth of rain hitting manila in a day! so, i've been gearing up for the many fundraisers that i'll be taking part in and also spreading the word here!

hawaii treated the oof! tour very well! it's safe to say that the blue scholars and i had a great time. thank you to everyone we got a chance to post up with and made us feel at home on the rock. special shout outs to honozooloo, in4mation, alligator funkhouse, http://asongforourselves.blogspot.com/ creed chameleon, packo, the deadbeats, the spacifics, k-love, tassho, contrast magazine, request record store, carol, eric and everyone else who might've failed to list out that made our trip as pleasant as it was... so, rather than do a whole breakdown of the tour, i'm going to simply direct y'all to my homeboy aaron's site, put up a video and a few pictures down below... oh, and a little disclaimer: i only had one pair of swim shorts for the 2 weeks i was there. deal with it. chee!

big thank you to the blue scholars for letting me come along!

...more footage coming soon!


Morose said...

jealous. no khalil?

beemyers831 said...

that tour manager's jump is cool...uhm don't know about yours