November 22, 2009

...before year's end...

got some gigs coming up before the year's end... this past friday night, the counterparts celebrated their album release with a great show at the dakota lounge! buckshots to all the performers and those in attendance!

i'll be in san diego this weekend for kmb san diego's rights, rhymes and resilience event on the 27th. it's going to be a bittersweet visit to one of my favorite cities, because i'll know that "pops" is gone and when i visit the pnoy apparel house, his presence will be sorely missed. my fondest memory of pops comes by way of new york city. after a great show at the rebel nyc, we moved the afterparty upstairs where pops spent the rest of the night cutting up the rug with several young ladies surrounding him! the last time i saw him was here in my home, where he fondly watched kahlil run around. things won't be the same without him. sleep easy, pops!


also, kmb los angeles is proudly celebrating 10-years of solid work with the people's carnival! if you love me at all, you'll be there!

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loSANGeles times said...

whats good Bambu??!!! i just wanted to let you know i love the music you make. When you get a chance check out my site i make shirts and would love for you to COP some. Hit me up thanks and keep in touch!!!