November 9, 2009

...videos to blog...

i've been meaning to put these up for a minute! enjoy!

this is the latest video from vox merger, "american pie." the video was put together by the same team that brought "crooks and rooks" to life, kid heroes/xylophone. i like this video and these brothers are solid! i stand behind these dudes!

this is a video that came out during the summer from my homeboys, deep foundation out of new york/new jersey! amazing visuals!!!

one of l.a.'s premiere up and coming artists... dizzy. look out for his appearance on the new ep, "...paper cuts.."

my peoples, keelay & zaire put this out in the summer too, but i didn't get a chance to throw it up on the blog -- so here it is! be on the lookout for the keelay & zaire x bambu ep, "...banana clip sunday..." coming out early 2010!

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