March 2, 2010


i'm overwhelmed by the weekend's events. both release parties, los angeles and san diego, were by far the best release celebrations i've ever had. there's a long list of folks to thank, so forgive me if i miss your name in this blog -- but, believe me, on everything, i appreciate everyone who helped make both release events a remarkable success: kat carrido, faith santilla, ree obana, dj phatrick, manila ryce, wes gabrillo, felt1, jaba, ernie tamayo, erica eng, tad nakamura, david cordero, kabataang maka-bayan (kmb) los angeles and san diego, search to involve pilipino americans, queen bee's, xpo fraternity, gabnet los angeles and san diego, imix bookstore, the park's finest, armory massive, fanatix and all the artists who performed alongside me. again, if i forgot to list you on this blog, i apologize.

los angeles came out and packed the search to involve pilipino americans community center wall to wall, despite the rain (that's a big deal for los angeleno's). dj phatrick and i threw down for over an hour for a crowd that kept my energy boosted up the entire time. i was also assisted by my former partner in rhyme, kiwi illafonte and one of los angeles' best up-and-coming rap groups, u-n-i. not much more to say about it then that. i'm sure there are youtube videos out of the event, but if you wait for this summer, you'll be able to get the whole experience via dvd -- which we filmed during the show. "...i, i, i, i be on it, i, i be on it, i be on it all day, straight up, pig if you want me you can find me in l.a.!"

after a really fun afterparty at blu monkey, i was too tired to take off my shoes. i rolled out to my mom's house and curled up next to my son for a minute, before having to roll out to san diego for the 619's release party.

as soon as we got to queen bee's in north park, we could feel the hive buzzing with activity. kmb sd youth moving in and out of the community center setting up, breaking down and creating the perfect environment for the get down. all the acts killed it! made it very difficult for me to concentrate on my job! the youth opened up the show with a great theater piece that touched on youth violence and police brutality (a recreation of oscar grant's murder), followed by a very touching video put together by kmb sd's mon. though dj phatrick and i were cut short of our full set due to time constraints, we still felt the crowd enjoyed the show and he and i enjoyed performing our set for the 619. we'll be back!

there's no way a blog could describe what my team and i went through this past weekend! again, overwhelming... brrrrrrrrrat!

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whoreson said...

Saturday in 213 was amazing Bam. brrrrraaaaaaaap!