March 25, 2010

...the long march...

unfortunately, this post is going to be short and definitely won't do justice to this past weekend's events. the fruition of both saturday and sunday will hopefully do a better job of showing appreciation for the work than this blog will.

saturday morning started at 9. my brother dre came over to the house so that we could begin filming for the music video for "sondalo." not a concept heavy video, but hopefully a content heavy video. we filmed the journey to and into the anti-war rally at hollywood boulevard and vine street in hollywood. once we got there and saw all of our friends, comrades and family massing up and getting ready for the mile long march toward highland avenue. the brothers and sisters of kabataang maka-bayan, pro-people youth los angeles put together a chariot that was to carry wendy in a barack obama mask, wearing a suit with all of the major american corporate sponsors logos attached and being pulled (via chains) by a representative of a few countries: haiti, palestine, philippines, etc. at the moment i don't have any pictures to show you, but we did hear that the image was blasted on some major new stations! and we had samurai flags on our backs! yes, samurai flags!!! the march started and ended with great energy and it really did a great job of showing the public that there is still a need for this rally. kmb san diego came out to lend a hand and march alongside us -- and we needed that strong 619 energy to keep us moving. at the ending point of the march, i hopped on stage to open the closing-rally of the march. i did two songs ("sondalo" and "chairman mao"). peace to gabnet, answer coalition and all the other organizations that came out in solidarity against a war that doesn't seem to have an end in sight... isulong!

after getting the very heavy chariot onto a vehicle and getting the whole squad out of dodge, we headed over to my house to barbecue, relax and just talk 'til sunset. it was a great way to end a great day.

the next morning started at 6am for me. i got up, got dressed and got out the door to get to the video shoot for "old man raps." another kid heroes/xylophone films music video! there isn't much more to say than, "amazing work!" i'm not going to give away the video's story, but i will say that the youth came out in full strength -- from san diego to the valley and everywhere in between. i can't wait to see the finished product.

that's it for me for now. got some shows lined up. dj phatrick and i are leaving for seattle on friday to perform for the blue scholars' sold out double feature show. then we leave the next morning for our show in chicago -- we also got a studio session with new york's own, rebel diaz while we're in the chi. then again, sunday morning, fly back to seattle to open up the encore show of the double feature show with the blue scholars and the homie macklemore. busy weekend... but i ain't complaining!

oh, don't forget to go to the armory website to get the exclusive line of collaboration shirts i did with them! you won't be disappointed! click here to see what i mean...

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konstrue10 said...

"Old Man Raps" is actually my favorite song out of the whole entire EP, even though I can't directly relate to the lyrics because I'm only 17. haha Your flow is just so dope and big ups to Digital Martyrs.

I can't wait for the MV to come out.

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