May 20, 2010

...what happened to my submission for the queen video?

thank you all for the great response! the blogs, the fans, the fam and even the bloggers who normally don't fuck with me are showing great support for the video. so, thank you all.

anyway, i'm writing this post to let all the women who submitted personal videos for the original concept that i really appreciate it and i'm sorry that it didn't work out that way. originally, the entire video was going to have clips of women in their homes or out and about speaking on the topic... i got some really good submissions and it hurt me to have to drop the original concept. the reason we made the adjustment was because for every 1 great submission, we got 10 submissions that just didn't work. at the sake of offending some people, we got submissions of women dancing (in a not so flattering way) in their rooms, women singing karaoke-style to the song (i got 6 of those) and i literally had one woman submit a video of herself giggling for 3-minutes (sorry landie, i had to put it out there -- it was cute, but...). so, the pieces just didn't work for the length of the video.

again, thank you to all who submitted. especially, leilani (los angeles), ivy (hawaii), jasmin (san diego), kelly (san diego), jamie (new york) and mia (atlanta). i really loved your guys' submissions.

til' the next one!


The12thLetter said...

i was wondering about that... loved the video, love the song. please continue to make music.

Al Mofo said...

I've heard of you in the past but I don't know why I haven't paid attn to your music until that new song/video.

Al Mofo said...

I hit enter accidentally, so what I'm trying to say is, I'm going to follow and support on whatever shit you're doing next.